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    Excellent Coaches with high standard of qualifications

    Excellent Coaches with high standard of qualifications

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    Customizable programs to meet your needs

    Customizable programs to meet your needs

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    Coaches with Native English ability

    Coaches with Native English ability

About Us

Free mind Learning Services started tutoring ESL because English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world: it’s used for educational purposes around the world, daily communication between individuals, and used for international business transactions. We want help people accurately communicate their needs in all of the aforementioned scenarios. Since our start-up, we have expanded into tutoring all subjects at various levels as well as teaching language classes. We currently tutor ECS to university in virtually all subjects, and we teach various languages.
We are growing company of around 50 consultants that work predominantly in Calgary, AB. Our ESL teachers all have post-secondary education, ESL certification, and experience. Our tutors are all currently working or studying in their fields. Calgary tutoring and ESL tutoring: business done better.

We have experienced consultants that are qualified to provide our services. Free mind Learning Services Consultants provide experience to corporate workers. Our ESL consultants provide years of experience to assists you. We work for a greater purpose by donating 10% of our profits to IJM who helps to free slaves around the world. We also offer ESL lessons funded by a charity organization.

Free mind

403-837-7272,, PO BOX 83069 Calgary, AB T2W 6G8.

Founder Sara Dasko is a remarkable woman with a wide range of experience and talent that has culminated into being a loud proponent for education and freedom. Dasko has been amalgamating her extravagant expressiveness and creativity into the ESL field since 2004. Not only is she an authority on ESL, but she has affiliated her passion for education with an advocacy for freedom. Dasko’s vision is for freedom to reach students struggling in school, people hurdling language barriers, as well as victims of sex-trafficking. Using her love for writing, she was the founder and editor of two newspapers: CCHS and Ambrose University. She has written two e-books including introduction to ESL Grammer and Pronunciation as well as Education = Freedom. Dasko has spoken at various workshops and conferences, most notably UNBOUND and the HOPE conference. In her free time she puts her vision into practice by montoring two young girls as well as volunteering with various street ministries. Much of her spare time involves doing art and making music to share the message that education = freedom. Find out more about Dasko. Check out these articles and events involving her, or find her online through LinkedIn.

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